Woven Wrap

Woven wrap is an amazing piece of cloth woven especially for babywearing purposes. There's a variety of JumpSac woven wrap that you can choose from, each with different characteristic; moldability, density, airiness, grip, glide, support, stretch, etc.

If you're a new wearer, you'll appreciate Auroray, Damask and Bombora Waves in your base size (most people wear size 5 or 6). 
If you'd like a denser weave that still feels lightweight at hand, you'll appreciate the Sakana Koi.
If you appreciate the intricacies of a handwoven wraps, and require even more support, you'll love the medium weight Solace :)

For example:
A person whom is 160cm-165cm tall, and 50-55kg in weight base size is usually the size 5.
A person whom is 165-170cm and 55-60kg in weight base size is usually the size 6.
Size up accordingly if you're taller / have bigger build.
Size down accordingly if you're petite.

If you just want to do the single shoulder carry (like the ring sling) or the basic rucksack carry (back carry), then you'll appreciate the shorter size 4 or 3 (base -1, or base -2).

Wrap Length:
Size 3 (3.2m)
Size 4 (3.7m)
Size 5 (4.2m)
Size 6 (4.6m)
Size 7 (5.2m)
Size 8 (5.7m)