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50% OFF all Damask Woven Wrap, Damask Orbit Carrier, Damask Ring Sling and Damask Struts Tunic.
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"This Damask pattern was a bestseller, and thus it is re-woven in different colors now. Damask currently comes in 3 color combo: Pink/Grey, Pink/Orange, Pink/Navy.

It is woven from 100% organic cotton yarns, not thin, not thick, just about a nice medium at 260 gsm. 

Damask is fuss-free, lightweight, feels soft at hand, easy to handle, cushy on the shoulders, glides easily (but not slippery), with enough grip (the texture helps with the grip), durable, easy to care for and really comfortable. It's the kind of wrap that you'd love to keep in your stash; beginner-friendly and is loved by seasoned babywearers too.

If you already love the JumpSac Pandora Series, you'll love this one even more. The fabric is moldable, able to hold it's shape and self-pleating. You could easily do a neat Double Hammock Carry and is strong enough for a Ruck too. Passes are really easy with this one. A true newborn till toddler woven wrap. Could be useful for preschoolers too if wrapped carefully.

Damask also comes in other forms; the Orbit Carrier, the Ring Sling and also the Struts Tunic Top, in various sizes, to suit your requirements."


50% OFF: JumpSac Damask Woven Wrap, Orbit Carrier, Ring Sling