Bombora Waves

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Up to 75% OFF all Bombora Waves Woven Wrap, Orbit Carrier, Flux Carrier, Ring Sling and Struts Tunic. 
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"Bombora Waves is the perfect newborn and small babies / young toddlers wrap. It is thin enough but not too thin, has a lovely handle, strong, glidey with enough grip, durable, really easy to care for and comfortable with just the right amount of cush and sturdiness. It feels very plush when worn. Passes are also super easy with Bombora Waves.
Bombora Waves has a similar weave to the previously woven bestseller Honeycomb in That 70s Rainbow. It comes in 3 weft colors: Espresso, Pale Pink and Light Grey. It wraps true to its size. 

Suitable from newborn till toddlerhood. Also suitable for preschoolers with multiple layer carries or when worn using the ever sturdy Orbit Carrier."