Flux Actually Raw Silk (Limited Edition)

"Flux Actually" Series is a collection of Flux Hybrid Onbuhimo Carrier ("Flux"), made using the stunning Raw Silk textiles. Suitable from newborn till toddlerhood.

Flux is the new Hybrid Onbuhimo Carrier from JumpSac. It is comfortable, supportive, and can last you a very long time.

It is love at first sight... Or would you say that's "Love, Actually"? ;)

The shimmer of the raw silk makes the carrier very glamorous and event-worthy, even if you're not going to one ;) This is a statement carrier without going overboard, that could make your whole outfit standout, giving you a zing of elegance without you even trying.

If you wondered whether it is sturdy or not, we have tested this Raw Silk Flux with a heavy nearly 4 years old kid, and we're happy to report that there is plenty of support! :) The secret ingredient is in the supportive internal layer. And all intersections that bear weight have been reinforced very well as well.