Ring Sling

A ring sling is a piece of fabric with a pair of rings attached to it, that mimics the traditional sling carry.

Although this is one-shoulder carrier, it is an amazing carrier, indispensable and undoubtedly so essential that we think every household with little children should keep at least 1 piece of ring sling in their home.

We recommend the ring sling if you're looking for a simple carrier to carry small babies that can't yet walk including newborn babies (from day 1!), if you need a quick up and down carrier to carry your toddler who's learning to walk, if you need a compact and simple sling to wear your baby or toddler on board the airplane, and also if you need a standby carrier to be used to carry your preschooler (yes, you read that right :)) who's tired from walking (because big kid gets tired too :)), etc. you got the picture.

Simple, compact, useful.

For example:
A person whom is 160cm-165cm tall, and 50-55kg in weight usually takes size M
A person whom is 165-170cm and 55-75kg in weight usually takes size L.
Size down accordingly if you're petite.
If you're taller / have bigger build, message us to custom order your size.

Sling Length: