Holiday Series

The Holiday Series is a series of Orbit Carriers and Ring Sling with minimalistic and modern theme throughout. We use only pastel, non-pastel and neutral colors for this series. No prints (as of yet).

The cotton twill fabric that we picked for this series is thin, lightweight and cooling (and yet still very supportive), making it suitable for babies that are prone to sweating, and even for babies with eczema. 

If you're worried about excessive heat, especially if you come from the tropical countries (which we all know comes with hot and humid weather all year round), then this is for you :)

Bonus: The Holiday Series Orbit Carrier and Ring Sling are really easy to use, and suitable for beginners. In Orbit form, it's as easy as click, adjust, and you're ready to go. In ring sling form, it just glides and glides, but it still locks well at the rings. Easy peasy. Enjoy!