Wrap to Flux Conversion (Custom Slots)

RM350.00 MYR

*This is a pre-order. Allow 3-8 weeks from the day we receive your wrap fabric for your Flux conversion to be made, before it can be shipped out. For genuine buyers only. Order is only valid if payment is made within 2 hours after order is placed. Thank you.*

Body Panel (Outer): Your wrap fabric
Body Panel (Reverse Side): Your wrap fabric OR our own matching plain fabric
Shoulder Straps and Hip/Waistband: Your wrap fabric OR our own matching plain fabric

Body Panel Padding: Lightly Padded
Shoulder Straps Padding: Cushy high density 1" soft foam
Hip/Waistband Padding: Moldable and sturdy hip/waist pad

Has Seat Darts?: Yes
Hood: Tuckable, Elasticized Hood
Pocket to store Hood and other small trinkets: Sewing job included, and with snap buttons
Chest Strap: Included, with 1” dual adjust buckle
Perfect Fit Adjuster (PFA) and Railing: Included 
Buckles: 1.5" Dual Adjust buckles for the shoulder straps and waistpad.

Comes with a built-in cincher / adjuster? Yes, and can fit a newborn baby up to toddler 3.5 years old maximum.
Waistpad removable? Yes

Carrying positions: Front & Back Carry, High Front & High Back Carry

*Note: Flux comes in 1 standard size, with adjustable body panel that fits a newborn baby till toddler 3.5 years old. Custom sizing is also possible, and can be discussed.

Conversion Options & Requirements:
Option 1: Full Conversion:
  • minimum of 3 meter of wrap fabric required (minimum wrap width is 28”). So a size 3 wrap (3.2m) would be suitable. 
  • Leftover fabric will be returned to you.
  • If the pattern is easy to work with (i.e similar pattern throughout the whole fabric) then we could work with a slightly less amount than that, at about 2.8m.
  • If the pattern is sparse, really large or hard to work with, a size 4 is required (3.7m).
Option 2: Partial Conversion:
  • minimum of 1.5 meter of wrap fabric required (minimum wrap width is 28”) for the outer front of the carrier (visible part).
  • All (or part) of the reverse side will be done using our own matching plain twill fabric.

Refer to the pics below for inspiration.
Or, click here to refer to our previous work for inspiration.
The Wrap Conversion Process is also illustrated there.

Requirements to be sent via email: 

  • Upon successful order, you’ll receive an email from us asking you your custom order requirements, like preferred placement and other details.
  • Please attach a sketch or simply describe your preference/requirements in your reply.
  • You’ll also receive an address to send your wrap to.
Kindly, please wait for this email :)

Price shown is the starting price for a Flux conversion job, and it will increase depending on the complexity of the job. 
These are the considered as add-ons” and will be priced accordingly and will be communicated to you via email:
  • embroidery on the body panel
  • if your fabric is too thin and that we'd need to reinforce your fabric
  • if you require custom sizing
  • if you need the webbings / railings to be constructed out of the wrap fabric itself
  • if you need longer webbings on any part of the Flux carrier
  • if you need other style of sleep hood (example: hoodie hood, with spikes or "ears", detachable with snap buttons, etc), 
  • if we have to use our own fabric to make up for the shortness of your fabric (especially for partial conversion), etc)
  • if we have to piece together your fabric (if it is too short) to form a complete section of the carrier parts
  • If you send us a woven wrap fabric that is really thick (thus heavier than usual) or the wrap is too long (and thus heavier than usual), and that the return shipping cost you’ve paid is now no longer sufficient
  • etc.
If there are no further additional work required, please be assured that the price shown is final (+ shipping, which will only be calculated at checkout). 


Because of the time spent is quite long on a single custom work, we're not able to refund your payment once it's made. 

To confirm your slot, please make the payment within 2 hours after order is made.
Otherwise, the slot will be released back on the website. Thank you for your cooperation.

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