Kawaakari (Ring Sling)

RM179.00 MYR

Ring Color: Slate.
Ring Size: Large.

Layering: Single Layer.
Base fabric: Linen Blend in Indigo (Hand Dyed Using Shibori Technique)

Shoulder Style: Simple Gathered.

Sling Length: XS:66"/ S:70"/ M:74"/ L:78".
Sling Width: 29".

Kawaakari (pronounced as "ka-wa-a-ka-rE") which means "river light", or the gleam of last light on a river's surface at dusk in Japanese, is beautifully depicted on this fabric using several Shibori Techniques, including hachinosu and kanoko. 

The word shibori comes from the root word shiboru which means "to wring, squeeze, and press". This technique has been used from many years ago to create a wide variety of patterns on fabric. Because it is done by hand, every finished piece is one of a kind. So, slight difference in each piece is to be expected and with all shibori dyed pieces, as imperfection are what makes these pieces perfect :)

Linen Blend fabric is thin and cooling, making is suitable for summer and hot & humid tropics weather, but is still  very supportive due to the linen content in it.

Kawaakari is mesmerizing! Definitely a head-turner!
We dare say it's a keeper to be passed down the generation.

Practical. Suitable from newborn to toddlerhood. Max 14-15kg.
A great everyday carrier.

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