Hot Pink Raw Silk "Flux Actually" Limited Edition (Flux)

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Flux is the new Hybrid Onbuhimo Carrier from JumpSac. It is comfortable, supportive, and can last you a very long time: from newborn till toddlerhood.

Introducing... the "Flux Actually" Series, which is a collection of Flux Hybrid Onbuhimo Carrier ("Flux"), made using the stunning Raw Silk textiles. 

There are 3 modes. You can use it as a / an:

 Mode Age / Suitabilility Notes
[a waistless carrier]

- for bigger babies and toddlers: 6 month old - 2.5 years old (or till 3.5 yrs old for a petite toddler),
- usually worn with the base of the body panel uncinched.
- mainly for high back carrying
-definitely possible for high front carrying too (minimum 4 month old)
-this mode is recommended for c-section postpartum moms

Flux Hybrid Onbuhimo Carrier

* To turn Flux into an Onbuhimo, keep the underarm buckle away by feeding it through the elastic loop on the body panel. Then, attach the shoulder straps directly to the waist strap.

Soft Structured Carrier
[WITH the structured waistpad]

- for small babies till toddlerhood: 1 month old till- and 2.5 years old (or till 3.5 yrs old for a petite toddler)

- usually worn with the base of the body panel cinched halfway till nearly un-cinched for small babies, and un-cinched for toddlers
- recommended for front and back carrying.

Flux Hybrid Onbuhimo Carrier
* to wear Flux with the structured waistpad, feed the structured waistpad through the loop on the body panel, and fasten the buttons to secure it. The structured waistpad is sold separately.
Soft Structured Carrier [WITHOUT the structured waistpad];  - for Newborn / premature babies / tiny babies under 3 months old
- usually worn with the base of the body panel fully cinched
- recommended for front carrying
Flux Hybrid Onbuhimo Carrier
* to wear Flux without the structured waistpad, hold the base of the body panel, and let it hang down from your waist level like a "half-apron" before fastening your waist buckle. This way, you'll be able to create a deep seat for your newborn baby, like those on a ring sling and a woven wrap

*please cinch the body panel base, height and headrest according to your child's size.

Measurements Un-cinched Fully cinched
Body Panel height from base till top of headrest 
[when worn WITHOUT the structured waistpad]
22" 15"
Body Panel height from base till shoulder straps
[when worn WITHOUT the structured waistpad]
20.5" 12.5
Body Panel height from top of waistpad till top of headrest
[in Soft Structured Carrier mode, when worn with the structured waistpad]
18" 11"
Body Panel height from top of waistpad till shoulder straps
[in Soft Structured Carrier mode, when worn with the structured waistpad]
16.5" 9.5"
Body Panel width along the base of shoulder straps 16.5" 10.5"
Body Panel width along the seat dart  16.5" 8"
Body Panel width along the cincher at the base 15" 4"



 - Parents and Caregivers whom are looking for a buckled carrier to wear their newborn babies, and are not keen on using the ring sling or the woven wrap (which are what's usually recommended for a newborn baby).
- Those whom have both a small baby and a toddler [under 2.5 year old (or max 3.5 yrs old if petite)], and would just need 1 carrier to switch back and forth between the two kids (please take note that you'll need to change the mode/setting according to each child's size)
- Those whom are looking for just 1 buckle carrier that would last their kid from newborn till 2.5 yrs old at least.
- For postpartum moms whom delivered their babies via c-section / cesarean whom would like a waistless carrier, where baby can sit high, away from their scar site / tummy. And so that there wouldn't be any extra pressure placed on their waist/tummy. (Possible in the Onbuhimo (waistless) mode)
- For pregnant moms whom want to carrier their elder baby / toddler, and requires a carrier that do not exert any extra pressure on their growing tummy. (Possible in the Onbuhimo (waistless) mode)
- Those whom would like to back carry their bigger babies higher on their back to shift the load onto their shoulder, for a weightless-er feel, using the Onbuhimo (waistless) mode.
- those whom need a buckled carrier that is travel-friendly (folds really small into itself!) and doesn't really require the extra support of the structured waistpad during their travels
- Those whom are already loving the JumpSac Orbit carrier and would like to try something new, especially the Onbuhimo setting :)

Body Panel (Outer and Reverse Side): Red Raw Silk
Shoulder Straps and Hip/Waistband: Red Raw Silk

Body Panel Padding: Lightly Padded
Shoulder Straps Padding: Cushy high density 1" fiber padding
Hip/Waistband Padding: Moldable and sturdy hip/waist pad
*(the waistpad is detachable/removable, and it is sold as an add-on, as shown above.)
Has Seat Darts?: Yes
Hood: Tuckable, Elasticized Hood inside a Black Mesh Pocket *(cups a baby's head better than the usual flat hood)* 
Chest Strap: Included  
Buckles: 1.5" Dual Adjust buckles for the shoulder straps and the waistpad. 1" Dual Adjust buckle for the chest strap.
Carrying positions: Front, Back, High Front and High Back Carry


The "Flux Actually" Series is a collection of Flux Hybrid Onbuhimo Carrier ("Flux"), made using the stunning Raw Silk textiles. 

This Red Raw Silk textile makes a gorgeous Flux! It is love at first sight! Or would you say that's "Love, Actually"? ;)

The shimmer of the raw silk makes it very glamorous and event-worthy, even if you're not going to one ;) This is a statement carrier without going overboard, that could make your whole outfit standout, giving you a zing of elegance without you even trying.

If you wondered whether it is sturdy or not, we have tested this Raw Silk Flux with a heavy nearly 4 years old kid, and we're happy to report that there is plenty of support! :) The secret ingredient is in the supportive internal layer. And all intersections that bear weight have been reinforced very well as well.

If you have loved the Orbit soft structured carrier, you'll love this one even more! Who doesn't love a carrier that is highly adjustable and can be used from newborn till toddlerhood, right?! :) 

The black mesh fabric in the middle on the body panel is a pocket. And it is used to store the sleep hood when not in use and other small stuff. Aaaannd, it can also be used to magically turn this Flux carrier into itself when not in use - for storage. That's a really good and rare sorcery right there. This carrier gets softer with frequent usage too!

Practical. Suitable from newborn to toddlerhood. Max 20kg.
To conclude, it's not just a glamazon carrier that's only fit for a glamorous event, it is in fact a great everyday carrier. Travel-friendly too! 

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