Hot Pink Raw Silk (Ring Sling)

RM109.00 MYR RM175.00 MYR

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Ring Color: Slate.
Ring Size: Large.

Layering: Single Layer.
Base fabric: Raw Silk Blend in Hot Pink.

Shoulder Style: Gathered
Pocket: No pocket, to keep it looking stylish and sleek.

Sling Length: XS:66"/ S:70"/ M:74"/ L:78".
Sling Width: 29".

Practical. Suitable from newborn to toddlerhood. Max 14kg.
Hot Pink Raw Silk (Ring Sling) is gorgeous! The tone is modern and bursting with energy! It'll definitely make your outfit pop! Plus pink always looks good on anyone (even if you don't believe it) and the color just lifts you up.

Just. Look. At. It.
It's absolutely gorgeous! Pink is here to stay. 

Soft and lightweight. Packs so small (about the size of your palm), you can even keep it in your handbag when not in use.
A great everyday carrier.

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