Mei Tai to Orbit Conversion (Custom Slots)

RM200.00 MYR

*This is a pre-order. Allow 4-8 weeks from the day we receive your Mei Tai for it's conversion to Orbit carrier to be done, before it can be shipped out. For genuine buyers only. Order is only valid if payment is made within 2 hours after order is placed. Thank you.*

Body Panel: Your existing Mei Tai body panel
Shoulder Straps and Hip/Waistband: Your existing Mei Tai shoulder straps and waistband

Body Panel Padding: Your existing Mei Tai body panel padding
Shoulder Straps Padding: Cushy high density 1" soft foam (we'll remove your Mei Tai's shoulder straps foam, and use ours, unless you told us otherwise)
Hip/Waistband Padding: Moldable and sturdy hip/waist pad (we'll remove your Mei Tai's waistband padding, and use ours, unless you told us otherwise)

Has Seat Darts?: If your Mei Tai has no seat dart, there will be no seat dart i the final product. If your Mei Tai has seat dart, we'll maintain the seat dart.

Hood:  If your Mei Tai has sleep hood, we'll maintain the hood. If your Mei Tai do not have sleep hood, we can make one using our fabric as a Detachable Hood with Snap Buttons.
Chest Strap: Included

Buckles: 1.5" Dual Adjust buckles for the shoulder straps and 2" Dual Adjust buckles for the waistpad.

Carrying positions: Front, Back and Hip carry

Body Panel Sizing: Your existing Mei Tai body panel sizing


Important Note:
1. If we're not able to remove your Mei Tai's shoulder straps foam easily and insert our high density Orbit shoulder foam, we'll make a new shoulder strap using our own matching fabric, or we'll form a new shoulder straps using the other part of your existing Mei Tai's shoulder straps. We do not recommend for you to keep your existing Mei Tai's shoulder straps foam, because they are usually very thin.

2. If you'd like us to maintain your current Mei Tai's waistband padding, please be informed that the end result might not feel like an Orbit carrier waistband.

3. If your body panel cutting is way off than the Orbit carrier cutting, the end result might not feel similar to an Orbit carrier body panel.

4. In a nutshell, we'll try our best to convert your Mei Tai to the Orbit carrier, but it might not feel similar to an actual original Orbit carrier.

5. If we're not able to use your Mei Tai fabric for the conversion, we'll use ours.

6. Price displayed here is the starting price for a Mei Tai to Orbit conversion job, and it will increase depending on the complexity of the job.
(Example: if your fabric is too thin and that we'd need to reinforce your fabric, if you need Perfect Fit Adjusters, if you need the webbings to be constructed out of the wrap fabric itself, if we have to use our own fabric to make up for the shortness of your fabric, etc etc.)

If there's no further additional work required, then the price is final. We'll communicate with you via email prior to cutting your Mei Tai, as we'll need to inspect the received Mei Tai first.

Because of the time spent is quite long on a single custom work, we're not able to refund your payment once it's made.
To confirm your slot, please make the payment within 2 hours after order is made.
Otherwise, the slot will be released back on to the website. Thank you for your cooperation.


More info:
Depending on the size made, JumpSac Orbit is a practical carrier for 3 months old till about 4 years old (or more if you have a lean toddler).
JumpSac Orbit soft structured carrier is suitable for travelling and carrying heavy babies/toddlers for long hours. It is airport friendly too.

*Back carry is recommended for heavier babies (with head control) and tall toddlers, for the feel of weightlessness.

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